About Our Training

Become part of an international community and enjoy a lifetime of excitement. Scuba diving is becoming increasingly more popular. Equipment is now safer, more comfortable, and more user friendly than it has ever been. The education we can offer you at Dive Tech & Sports is second to none. Our instructors remain on the cutting edge of training. Whether you want to cruise along a reef in the Caribbean or penetrate a 2000 foot Northern Florida Cave system, Dive Tech and Sports can take you there safely. If you are just starting middle school or just starting your retirement, we have the staff and facilities to make you the safest most confident diver you can be.

Our Recreational Courses

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Dive Professional Training

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Technical and Overhead Environment Training

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Open Water Dives

Open Water Dives

Everyone is invited, certified or not!

Local Dives

Our local diving season starts in June and ends in September. We welcome any new or already certified divers to join us. Most divers have never experienced local diving. This year we are pushing for everyone to get out and dive! No excuses!

Summer Open Water Dive Schedule

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Fresh Water Florida

During the Winter, we shift gears and head off for warmer weather in Northern Florida. We use the Springs of Northern Florida for open water certification, specialties (including Cavern, Intro-Cave and Full Cave) and many more fun and exciting activities. We highly reccomend our new students to choose the springs as thier first open water experience.

Florida Dive Schedule

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