Cave & Technical

Cave & Technical

Courses are offered through: TDI, NAUI, NACD, PADI

My philosophy on teaching cave diving is different than most. I believe that you should earn your certification by successfully completing all skills required to my satisfaction. Then and only then should you earn your certification card for the level of training you have completed. I am focused on producing divers who are self-sufficient and can survive in the overhead environment in any situation. You are paying me to train you the right way and that is exactly what I promise to do. I feel as though divers should be trained right the first time, especially when it comes to technical diving. One mistake can end in tragedy.

Offered Courses

Advanced Nitrox
Advanced Wreck
Decompression Procedures
Extended Range
Limited SafeAir
Complete SafeAir
Gas Blender
Service Technician
Technical Nitrox
Full Cave

Technical Instructor Certification

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