Timmy Young

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Timmy is the owner of Dive Tech and Sports which opened in the Spring of 1994 and has been kicking ever since. Timmy began diving in 1989 and became an Open Water Instructor in 1993. Timmy decided to open his own shop and become an instructor when he noticed that there needed to be improvements in the way student are taught how to dive. Timmy believes that each student should be thoroughly trained and self sufficient. One of his favorite sayings when someone calls in for a course to be completed in a weekend is "Your certification is valid for a lifetime, do not rush the certification process".

In 1995 Dive Tech was the first shop in West Virginia to begin teaching and blending Enriched Air/Safe (Nitrox) Air. Timmy has since become an Technical Nitrox Instructor-Trainer, Full Cave Instructor and a Instructor Certifier for Scuba Schools International, Instructor Certifier for TDI/SDI, and Instructor for IANTD. Timmy is the only Cave Instructor in the State of West Virginia and is very active in the cave community, serving as the cave conservation officer and member of the Training Board for NACD and has recently became the Cavern/Cave Administrator for American Nitrox Divers International (ANDI).

Autumn Jefferson


Autumn is the manager of Dive Tech and Sports. She has been assisting Dive Tech and Sports for over 13 years. Starting as a student at Marshall University, she fell in love with diving and decided to make it her life. In her diving career she has worked in the Bahamas on a Dive Livaboard which has given her a world of experience. She is an active instructor for Dive Tech, and is currently teaching our University Scuba Program. She is constantly in the shop and will always be there to welcome you when you visit. She is more than ready to answer any questions.

Her certifications extend from Instructor/Trainer to Full Cave Diver. She is currently working on furthering her technical certifications as well as finishing an Education degree in the Spring.

Steve Shamblin

Steve was first certified as a PADI/YMCA scuba diver in 1972, while stationed in Texas with the US Air Force. Upon returning to West Virginia, Steve dove for a while and then dropped out. Steve stated diving again in the late 80s and progressed until he was certified as a PADI instructor in 1993. He then became certified to teach a variety of specialties, and is now a PADI Staff Instructor.

Steve is not a technical instructor but has gained the following diver ratings; PADI Tec Deep TDI Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures and Extended Range Diving - NSS CDS Intro to Cave

Dive Masters

Dive Masters

Dive Masters are an irreplaceable part of the Dive Tech and Sports training. These people assist the instructors during all scuba training.
Those indicated as Candidates are working on their Dive Master Rating

Here are our Active Dive Masters that keep us going!

Kevin Taylor

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Kris Deel

Born January 10, 1975.... I have been diving for 2 1/2 years... certified up to Cavern and hold my Advanced certification as well... married with 4 kids... work special part-time as a Perfusionist at CAMC... love the outdoors, sports, just hanging out with family and good friends...working on my Dive Master certification and hope to continue to Open Water Instructor

John Deel

Chris Woods

Jarred Roush

Dean Bowman (Candidate)

Bob Leslie (Candidate)