"As a Scuba Ranger and a member of the diving community, I pledge to have fun, continue my diving education, protect the aquatic environment, dive responsibly, and participate in my community, my family and my future in a positive way."

To become a member of the Scuba Rangers Club, you must complete the Ranger Development Program (Red Ranger, White Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Silver Ranger) and the Demo Ranger session. The Development Program consists of water safety techniques, snorkeling and scuba skills, and scuba safety rules. Demo Ranger is a formal demonstration to the parents and family of what the children have learned.


Include: Mask, Dry Snorkel, Open Heel Fins, Wetsuit Booties, Full Wetsuit, and Scuba Ranger Starter Backpack
Scuba Ranger Classes are $660.00


Children are smaller and thinner than most adults. Experience has shown us that, for a child's comfort, safety and performance, it is best when children use equipment specifically designed for their size and age.
Here are a few recommendations when looking for children's scuba diving equipment:

  • Mask - Diving is not fun if the mask is constantly leaking. A good fit will provide a good seal. Mask should be sized to fit their smaller faces. A quality mask is made of silicon, and has a lens made of tempored glass for protection against breakage.
  • Wet Suit - The amount of fun kids will have is affected by how warm they are. Suits should be sized for kids so it is snug, but not tight. Can be either shorty or full suit.
  • Buoyancy Compensator - Proper fit determines comfort and performance. Should have smaller waist band and shorter inflator hose.
  • Regulator - Mouth comfort is determined by the size and weight of the second stage. Look for light-weight materials and a small mouthpiece. Should also have shorter hose from the first stage to the second stage.

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